Logo and poster for an event hosted by the newspaper "Fjordenes Tidende".

The logo should embody the essence of the iconic "Kannesteinen" stone formation, renowned in Måløy, the host location of the event. This event serves as a parody of the well-known Norwegian show "Maskorama." The poster design should cleverly reflect this theme, ensuring it evokes the spirit of the original concept while maintaining a distinct identity.
The poster ought to feature the event's custom logo, prominently displaying it alongside the principal characters involved. Additionally, it should include the logos of the event's co-hosts, namely "Fjordenes Tidende" and "Måløydagane," in a manner that enhances their visibility and credibility within the composition.
The finished products should be a logo, and a poster in two different dimensions (1920x1080 + 528x940)
Drawing inspiration from the original show "Maskorama," I crafted a logo that draws upon the distinctive contours of the renowned "Kannesteinen" stone formation. Emphasizing its unique shape, I employed a style reminiscent of the original design. Vibrant colors were selected to enhance viewer engagement, while a blue background was chosen to establish a visual connection with the local newspaper, the primary host of the event.
Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, I meticulously crafted the logo, ensuring precision in capturing the essence of the stone formation. Subsequently, Adobe Photoshop was employed to edit character photos and seamlessly integrate them into the poster design. Through meticulous attention to detail and adept use of design software, the final posters were meticulously composed within Adobe Photoshop, resulting in visually captivating representations of the event.

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