PHotography 4

Produce one or more high-quality conceptual photograph(s) advertising a product or service. The photograph(s) must include a model, as well as landscape, astro or architectural photography.
Create an advertisement using the photograph you produced.
This is a photography assignment; therefore, the photograph needs to do the talking. Keep the layout basic.
No pre-produced backgrounds or images may be used.
The final advert must be submitted as a high-quality A4 PDF.

The design of the poster/advertisement exudes a tranquil and serene atmosphere, encapsulating the essence of autumn in Norway. The composition captures a sense of natural beauty and calmness, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the serene landscape depicted.
The color palette selected for the design is inspired by the natural elements present in the photograph, namely the tranquil blue of the ocean, the warm sand, the earthy brown tones, and the deep purple hues of autumn foliage. These colors not only harmonize with the image but also evoke a sense of coziness and nostalgia associated with the autumn season.
Composition, layout, grid
The composition of the design follows a balanced and harmonious layout, with the woman standing in the center, surrounded by the calming expanse of the beach and distant mountains. The use of a white frame around the image provides a clean and polished look, drawing attention to the central focal point while maintaining visual clarity. The placement of the text “Autumn in Norway” on the bottom of the image, in conjunction with the Baskerville font, ensures that it serves as a complementary element rather than overpowering the serene imagery. Additionally, the slight blur of the background adds depth and dimension to the composition, further enhancing the overall visual impact.
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