Logo and graphic profile for client in Norway. The name "Fjellar" origins from the clients homeplace, and is described as a little bit hard but also solid name for the people that lives there. They are seen as  innoative, solution-oriented and creative people - which the client wants to keep a focus on. The color green is requested to be the main color of the profile, and the contours of the Island "Barmøy" which is a mountain, is to be sat as a base for the logo.
It's a consulting company that offers organizational development, communication and consultancy services.
I designed something that visualizes a balance between conveying professionalism, uniqueness, and the specific expertise of the firm. The logo is simple and easily recognizable, allowing it to convey the core identity of the company.
In this way, the design can navigate between being innovative and classic to create a logo that effectively represents the consulting firm's identity and values.
The shape of the logo represents the contour of a mountain, and are composed of lines pointing upwards and forwards, symbolizing development and future growth.

Gray is associated with neutrality, balance, and maturity. It also represents authority and reliability, thus conveying a message of stability and security to clients.
Green is associated with growth, freshness, and balance, symbolizing a dynamic and sustainable partnership between consultants and clients. Green also represents harmony and trust, and is linked to innovation and solutions.
The Orator Std font features clean lines and well-defined characters, conveying an impression of organized and structured communication, which are crucial elements in consultancy work.
Additionally, the font is modern and stylish, reflecting innovation and the ability to keep up with contemporary trends. This makes it ideal for conveying the consultancy firm's commitment to clear and modern communication while maintaining a professional appearance.

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