Hi there!
Welcome to my creative space!

I'm Rebekka, currently enrolled as a graphic design student at Noroff - School of Technology and Digital Media.
While globe-trotting, I balance my studies with freelance work, showcasing my strong technological prowess in Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After effects and Dreamweaver).
Up until now, my primary focus has been on crafting compelling logo and web designs, honing my skills in those areas. However, recently I've delved deeper into the realm of animation design, immersing myself in its intricacies and possibilities. I'm now eagerly seeking opportunities to apply my newfound expertise in animation design to exciting projects in this field.
Adding to my experience, I had the opportunity to contribute to a graphic design agency for a fulfilling five-month stint, delving into print design, illustration, layout, animation, and graph creation.
As a hobbyist, I'm passionate about capturing moments both above and below the water through photography.
Ready to explore the creative journey with me?

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