The client has expressed a requirement for a logo suitable for utilization on their website, offering details and ferry schedules for the island "Barmen."
Additionally, the logo will be applied to apparel and various items.
They have suggested that the logo can incorporate the island's name, complemented by the distinctive outline representing the island's profile, evocative of its namesake, derived from its resemblance to a woman's breast.
The font bears resemblance to the typography employed on the actual Barmøy ferry, establishing visual continuity between the logo and the vessel.
It exudes a clear and robust appearance, conveying reliability and authority, qualities crucial for disseminating ferry schedules and other pertinent information about the island.
Furthermore, the font exhibits a modern and minimalist aesthetic, characterized by its sleek design.
Color: deep blue
Reflects the sea and the maritime environment surrounding the island.
Symbolizes reliability, stability, and trust, evoking associations of tranquility and serenity, altogether presenting a visually appealing representation.
The lines are connected to the text, representing, as requested, the contours of the island. This approach creates a framing effect that directs attention to the central message. The exaggerated "tip" of the line highlighting the "Barmen" profile adds an extra dimension to the logo by emphasizing the distinctive feature of the island.
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