Creating a magazine

Design a magazine for magnetic.

- Calm space, away from the noise of the world wide web and social media platforms.
- Pleasing to the eye, and easy to read.
- Convey the creative nature of their brand and the fact that they support artistic progressive culture.
- Feature a unique custom-made design on their cover – inspired by an article that is also going to be in the magazine
Format of the magazine:
Proposed size of magazine when closed: 203mm (width) x 276mm (height).
The target market are:
Mostly guys, in the age 18-34, who are in to progressive music culture.

I created a style that is an approach between formalism and eclecticism, to appeal to the targeted audience that are in to progressive music.
All Round Gothic is used troughout the whole magazine. It is a structured geometric sans, containing many font weights and are easy to read.
For the “main design” I used the colors red, yellow and blue.

Red represent health (mental health is main part of the article), courage , and feelings of passion in both good and evil.
Blue symbolizes stability, inspiration and wisdom, and is a calming color. 
Yellow signifies happiness, optimism and hope.
All in all I have used a small color scheme for the whole design, to keep it simple, clean and easy to understand what article belongs to what.
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