This is a Case assignment for a fictional client.
Brodie`s Books are a business that focuses on rare, collectable second-hand books. It's sort of a luxury product, that attracts customer from all over the world. They have until now run the business online, and been promoting their products on festivals where they also have been selling their custom coffee brew on the side.
Now they have bougth an old bar in the royale mile section of Edinburgh, where they want to sell their books. To make the business more uniqe they also want to devote a part of the store to a coffee shop, where they can sell their own custom made brew.
To launch the concept they have a van that will distribute their coffee to local restaurants. They want the van to have a billboard for advertising. The van will also be used to sell books and coffee at festivals. They also have a bicykle that will be used for deliveries in the city center - which also have some space for advertising.
 Freehouse: This is a thick, rounded serif font that is friendly and readable.
It has a touch of fun in it, which suits the idea of an adventorous personality of the brand. It also gives an authentic feeling with the old/vintage style that it provides.
Degular: Described as “a conventional typeface that subsidizes work on unconventional typefaces.”  It is a sans serif typeface, which is needed with the heavy serif font in the headings, and it is also easy to read.
Colour Palette
brown and gold: associates with earth, books and luxury - and coffee.
Very dark grayish cyan - lime green. Lime green is a color assosiated with nature, confidence and high energy - which suits the concept very well. The dark grayish tone of it makes it more vintage so it suits the other colors and the theme more. The color is also said to promote creativity.
Very dark orange with a brown tone. The dark brown can give a feeling of strength an reliability. It is solid and are associated with the earth, while it also feel secure and comfy.
Dark moderate orange. The color orange can stand for wealth and quality, passion and pleasure. This suits the theme well considering the luxury style is connected with wealth and quality. Still it is consistent with the vintage/old style and also suits the rest of the colors in the theme.
Moderate orange. This color goes under the same description as the color above. It is ligther and gives the color theme some contrast - while it is comfortable to look at and gives a feeling of energy.
All together these colors form a theme that can be associated with the earth, soil and trees. They gives a feeling of vintage, rare and old stuff, at the same time that it can relate to luxury and quality.

The icon is a butterfly that represents the adventorous soul, traveling around exploring stuff, like you do in your mind when you read a book.

The body of the butterfly also forms the shilouette of a book, including the antennas at the top.

The wings are shaped as B`s, it forms two of them and represent the Brodies Books (BB), at the same time as they are giving a visual effect of being pages as in a book.

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