Create a 10 second animation movie.
Develop a concept, references and rough sketches. Create illustrations for your course project, and expand to a full storyboard and illustrate it.
Animate the illustrations into a 10-second project - and render it.
I have not specified a target audience for this particular project. Instead, the primary focus is on refining my skills in After Effects and crafting illustrations that effectively communicate a message through motion.
I begin by brainstorming concepts, generating ideas, and creating rough sketches. These initial sketches then evolve into a comprehensive storyboard, paving the way for the development of illustrations tailored for the animation process.
For the illustration phase, I utilize Adobe Illustrator, while the animation is executed using Adobe After Effects.
The core concept revolves around a scenario where a chicken is prompted to lay an egg on command. The animation unfolds with the chicken swiftly producing an egg. Upon impact with the ground, the egg transforms into a pan-fried egg, emerging from the cracked shell.
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